Meet Your Hosts


Dan Putnam

Dan is a local who grew up in the once tiny town of Arlington, WA. Always a small town boy at heart, Dan lives for backroads and quiet places, but loves the huge car community in the Pacific Northwest. A gearhead his whole life, Dan learned to ride his 1979 Honda Z50 motorcycle passed down from his brother before he learned to ride a bike. Dan attributes his insatiable passion for driving to his brother, a State Trooper of all things. Dan spends more time in a car in a year than most people will in a lifetime and couldn't be happier for it. Dan's other passion is planning and spends his free time creating trips on his site

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Nick BergeroN

Hi, I'm Nick!

I enjoy long walks in the park and companion sheep farming and beauty tips. I enjoy a nice carriage ride in the rain, collecting civil war stamps and various bits of string. My dream is to have bits of string that I have collected from every continent.  I also dabble in sewing as you may have noticed from my wonderfully crafted and form fitting leisure suit.  

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon. xoxo

I love you already, Nick

You can find Nick here: