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Episode 51 - Authentic Conversation with Shannon Low

We talk to Shannon Low of Authentic Motorcars in Redmond. If you’ve spent anytime in the car scene in the PNW your probably know Shannon as a staple in the car community here. Shannon is a specialist in just about every car brand, but especially the obscure and unique. Unlike us, he’s a jack of all cars and a master of most. Tune in and hear about LaForza, Spkyer, Saab, and more!

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Episode 50 - We Got There And Enjoyed The Drive

WE MADE IT TO EPISODE 50! It’s been quite a ride and we decided to take this episode to recap some of our favorite moments, guests, and a few of our blunders over the last year.

We tried to narrow it down to our favorite episodes since the start and it wasn’t easy, but we felt like these were some milestones we personally enjoyed. If you haven’t heard us before or you’re new to the podcast, give these a shot!

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Episode 49 - Coming Up On Rain City Supercars...

Just so you know, this is more like episode 49.5. Nick and Dan were both REALLY sick this week, but we wanted to do a quick episode letting everyone know what’s coming up on RCS as well as introduce our new sponsor, Hagerty! This has always been a labor of love for us, so we’ve been intentionally slow to grab sponsors as we want to only represent brands we personally believe in. We joke a lot, but putting our names on anything is something we actually do take seriously and we are really proud and honored to be associated with Hagerty who has always treated us and their customers well. We should know, Nick has been one before this Podcast ever started.

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Episode 48 - It's Ladies Night!

Amanda, Ashley, and Kristen take over the mics for episode 48, which is not 49 like we mentioned in the podcast! The episode is mostly all about the women in the industry who are putting together a driver's group specifically for women enthusiasts that enjoy track time, group drives, and more than just standing next to their cars for attention. The group is officially organized and led by Amanda with Driver's Club so you know it's going to be good.

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Episode 47 - Branden Ben Powell And All Things SaRPinz!

We talk to the extremely interesting Branden Ben Powell, the owner of the SaRPinz. He talks about one of the most impressive off road vehicles ever made, the Pinzgauer, and how he actively uses it for Search and Rescue. As a huge fan of off roading, this was easily one of our most entertaining guests to us and even if you have no interest in the off road world, this was a really eye opening interview about how multifaceted and important Search and Rescue is to the PNW. We let this one go quite a bit longer than usual since we were having such a good time talking to Brandon.

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Episode 46 - The Advancement of Avants with Adam Cramer

We welcome our friend Adam Cramer with Avants back to talk about the massive growth of Avants since way back in Episode 12 and to talk about all the amazing upcoming stuff including his partnership with Blipshift on a PNW tee shirt design, some winter offroading you can do, some rainy weather driving, and more! We talk about Avants often on our show with good reason. If you’re an enthusiast it makes almost no sense why you wouldn’t be a member!

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Episode 43 - Monterey Car Week RULED

It's almost impossible to describe what Monterey Car Week is actually like if you've never been before. It's even harder to accurately describe what it was like for Dan this year. We'll walk you through the day by day of our trip, which was every bit as great for us as it sounds and hopefully convinces you to put this on your bucket list if you've never been. Check out our gallery here for the photos, which still don't do it justice. 

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Episode 41 - Don't Just Get There, Enjoy The Drive To Monterey

We talk about the Sea-Mont Rally and all things Car Week. Get ready for a lot of updates on social media, live streams, and a whole lot of road tripping! 

We're headed down 97 and the Volcanic National Scenic Byway to Yosemite and then to Monterey for Car Week! You can follow us on our journey via our Instagram and Facebook as well as some updates coming here. Stay tuned for a lot fun times ahead! 

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Episode 34 - R.C.S.A.D.H.D.

Nick's ADHD got the best of him so we mixed it up this time. We answer some listener mail about what you do to get into the car scene after you bought your shiny new supercar, discuss a big money Ferrari, recap a cool LeMay event you should know about, discuss some upcoming car shows, and send out an invite to hang out with us in California!

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