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Episode 71 - Will Diefenbach: Chief Concours Judge, Racer, Sailor, and More!

I don’t think Will was trying to win the title of most interesting man in the world, but he’s definitely a contender. We like all our guests, it’s sort of a requirement to be on the show, but even with people we know it’s amazing how much we learn when we do an interview. Will is a shining example of why we started Rain City Supercars. From working in tech to racing, sailing, judging Ferraris, and being an all around awesome guy, Will definitely has lived a life and has so many great stories. You’re going to love Episode 71!

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Episode 67 - McLaren Bellevue Brand Manager Emily Owen

Buying a supercar isn’t like buying a Honda or a Ford. The expectation for knowledge and service has a MUCH higher bar. Luckily, you have Emily who eats and breathes McLaren. Working in service and now in sales, Emily has the in depth knowledge you want when looking for a car like a McLaren. It’s no secret your hosts are McLaren fans, but we’re not in the same league as Emily. Listen in to Episode 67 as we talk McLarens. Again.

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Episode 66 - The Many Stories of Dominic Dobson

Our friend Dominic Dobson has one of the most diverse racing careers around; something you just can’t do today. From Baja to Pikes to the Indy 500, he’s done at all and has some absolutely amazing stories to share. A racing fan or not, we know you’ll enjoy the stories he shared on this week’s episode!

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Episode 63 - More Wankers in Scottsdale

In this episode we recap the fun, the work, and the Wankers we met in Scottsdale. This was another adventure to remember with great people and we’re already looking forward to next year. If you think these stories are good, you should hear the ones we couldn’t record!

We have to put out a HUGE thanks to Seth Thomas of APC Auto Spa and Davis Mock who volunteered there time to help with our event.

Most importantly, this was our official one year friendiversary with our manager and practically little sister, Amanda from Drivers Club! We wouldn’t have made it this far without her.

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Episode 62 - Beyond Cars Yeah With Mark Greene!

We talk to our friend and fellow Podcaster Mark Greene of Cars Yeah about how he got started and what made him the host of one of the biggest automotive Podcasts going today. To date, Mark has produced over 1,200 episodes with all sorts of world famous automotive guests. Our Podcasts have a a pretty different format and we’ve got to hand it to him and his success. Mark is a good friend and we had a lot of fun getting to know him beyond the voice on his show. Listen in and check out the story behind Cars Yeah!

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Episode 61 - Where's Wingnut? He's On Our Podcast!

On this episode we have the local, the legendary, WINGNUT! You’ll probably recognize his voice from his real job as the afternoon DJ on 100.7! Wingnut is a huge car and motorcycle guy and tracks both his GTR and his Ducati Panigale 1199R. It’s such a small world in the car world. Enjoy this episode while Dan tries to keep up and stay on topic while Nick’s and Wingnut’s ADD runs wild. Get to know your local DJ beyond the radio on this fun episode.

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Episode 60 - Master Collector Peter Gleeson - Part 2

Did you wonder what the title “Master Collector” actually meant? Listen to the follow up episode with Master Collector Peter Gleeson and you will quickly understand exactly why they call him “Master Collector.” The BMW fans are especially going to love this episode, but we’ve got something here for just about everyone. You might even be able to strike up a conversation with that art history major barista you’ve been flirting with after this one.

*Art history majors can send their hate mail to and put “For Dan” in the subject line.

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Episode 59 - Master Collector Peter Gleeson - Part 1

Peter Gleeson is one of those rare people you hope just keeps talking. His car collection is more than a collection of nice cars he bought because they were good investments or eye catching; each car has a story - like being involved in a bank robbery. We’re already looking forward to having Peter back on in the future and we’re sure you will too. In part one of this two part episode, Peter talks to us about his life and his move to the states and how his love for cars and taste in them was formed.

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Episode 58 - The Great Christmas Episode!

Did we say great? We may have been overselling it a little, but it was fun! We asked our friend and crowd favorite previous guest Jason Bourriague to come into Drivers Club and join us for a fun episode sharing stories and recapping what a fun year we’ve had. Photographer Karl Noakes even had us dress up extra nice for the photos. Jason made sure to make us look bad, but we digress.

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Episode 55 - Ben Abrams Tells Us His Story of Creating Stories

We love stories. It’s actually why we do this - we meet a lot of great people with great stories we think the people will want to hear. When eGarage does this they turn it into fine art on the screen. As fans of eGarage we were really excited to have Ben Abrams on our show to hear more about his creative vision, his life, his cars, and the future of eGarage. Ben was kind enough to open up and tell us his story about the vision behind the lens of his eGarage projects including his latest amazing video for Driver’s Club.

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Episode 54 - Transportation Redecoration With The Byers

Continuing in our trend of talking to awesome couples with a love for cars, we talk to Matt and Allison Byers about buying and building cars their way from the very beginning. Being together since before they could drive, they talk car adventures, car shows, and car builds together. Get to know them and say hello next time you see them at one of the MANY car shows you’ll find them at.

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Episode 52 - DAS MULE!

We’ve got Joe and Dana, the founders of one of our favorite shops, MULE Expedition Outfitters. Mule is who we turn everyone to if they need advice on how to do a build right. We are huge offroad fans and Mule is a game changer for the PNW offering more than just fancy parts for sale. We first found out about Mule when they were offering free tech sessions on everything to do with offroad. We love a company that earns their customers and Mule is the standard for customer service in the off road/overlanding world. To top it all off, they’re now an Avants Partner so Avants members get a discount!

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