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Episode 92 - The Sea-Mont Rally Review. Emphasis on the Rally part.

This year’s Sea-Mont Rally is going to be really, really hard to top. I mean, we might not have to cross any rivers or move a landslide, but it’ll be hard to top the fun we had this year in the many years to come. We turned the trip from Seattle to Monterey for car week into a 4 day, 1,450 mile trip of a lifetime. Be sure to check out the album for this trip for some great highlights!

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Episode 87 - Daniel Piker Reminds Us We Were Really Lazy At 21

What were you doing when you were 21? College? Parties on the weekend? Daniel Piker is a full time photographer, videographer, and rally co-driver. We were definitely not that cool. We still aren’t, but that’s OK. If you’ve heard some of our previous episodes you've probably heard us drop his name a lot and we’ve featured his photography before. Get to know Daniel and his work on this weeks episode!

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