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Episode 77 - Kerry Hopkins, The Inspiration You've Been Looking For

We didn’t really know Kerry before this episode. We knew who she was, we knew what she drove, we knew her friends, but we didn’t really know her. We didn’t know her story or how she got where she was. We didn’t know just how hard she worked to get where she is today. And we certainly didn’t know just how much fun she was going to be! She’s just another shining example of why we love doing this.

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Episode 66 - The Many Stories of Dominic Dobson

Our friend Dominic Dobson has one of the most diverse racing careers around; something you just can’t do today. From Baja to Pikes to the Indy 500, he’s done at all and has some absolutely amazing stories to share. A racing fan or not, we know you’ll enjoy the stories he shared on this week’s episode!

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