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Episode 84 - A Totally Rad Rain City Supercars Episode

Art Cervantes joins us to discuss all things Radwood! Radwood is coming to the PNW this year and being hosted at LeMay - Americas Car Museum in partnership with our sponsors Avants and Hagerty so you know it’s going to be good! Art shares with us his story, the history of Radwood, and his deep love for all cars 80s and 90s. Tune in for some serious nostalgia!

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Episode 82 - ASHNAMI!

Have you ever been to Pebble Beach for car week? If not it should be on your bucket list. One of the reasons Pebble Beach is one of the “must do” car events in your lifetime is because of our guest on this episode, Anami Barnett with Hagerty Insurance. Anami is the one behind the many incredible events Hagerty puts on around North America that you REALLY need to do. As a bonus, our previous multi-time guest, Ashley Shoemaker from Hagerty joins us as well!

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Episode 50 - We Got There And Enjoyed The Drive

WE MADE IT TO EPISODE 50! It’s been quite a ride and we decided to take this episode to recap some of our favorite moments, guests, and a few of our blunders over the last year.

We tried to narrow it down to our favorite episodes since the start and it wasn’t easy, but we felt like these were some milestones we personally enjoyed. If you haven’t heard us before or you’re new to the podcast, give these a shot!

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Episode 48 - It's Ladies Night!

Amanda, Ashley, and Kristen take over the mics for episode 48, which is not 49 like we mentioned in the podcast! The episode is mostly all about the women in the industry who are putting together a driver's group specifically for women enthusiasts that enjoy track time, group drives, and more than just standing next to their cars for attention. The group is officially organized and led by Amanda with Driver's Club so you know it's going to be good.

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