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Episode 74 - Dante Morelli Carries On A Legacy

On this episode we talk to Dante Morelli about how he came to form his collection in honor of our past great friend, Bruce Leven. Dante and Bruce have been friends, competitors, partners, and collectors for years; they are staples of the PNW car community. When Bruce passed away, Dante and many of other Bruce’s friends helped save Bruce’s vast car collection and bought many of his vehicles. Dante joins us on episode 74 to share some his favorite stories with the late, great Bruce Leven.

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Episode 63 - More Wankers in Scottsdale

In this episode we recap the fun, the work, and the Wankers we met in Scottsdale. This was another adventure to remember with great people and we’re already looking forward to next year. If you think these stories are good, you should hear the ones we couldn’t record!

We have to put out a HUGE thanks to Seth Thomas of APC Auto Spa and Davis Mock who volunteered there time to help with our event.

Most importantly, this was our official one year friendiversary with our manager and practically little sister, Amanda from Drivers Club! We wouldn’t have made it this far without her.

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Episode 62 - Beyond Cars Yeah With Mark Greene!

We talk to our friend and fellow Podcaster Mark Greene of Cars Yeah about how he got started and what made him the host of one of the biggest automotive Podcasts going today. To date, Mark has produced over 1,200 episodes with all sorts of world famous automotive guests. Our Podcasts have a a pretty different format and we’ve got to hand it to him and his success. Mark is a good friend and we had a lot of fun getting to know him beyond the voice on his show. Listen in and check out the story behind Cars Yeah!

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Episode 58 - The Great Christmas Episode!

Did we say great? We may have been overselling it a little, but it was fun! We asked our friend and crowd favorite previous guest Jason Bourriague to come into Drivers Club and join us for a fun episode sharing stories and recapping what a fun year we’ve had. Photographer Karl Noakes even had us dress up extra nice for the photos. Jason made sure to make us look bad, but we digress.

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