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Episode 80 - Jillian Titus; You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Ever judged a book by its cover? We all have a time or two, but here’s why you shouldn’t. From homeless to GTS and everywhere between, Jillian shares with us her personal story about growing up in trailer park, eventually being homeless and couch surfing to get through school, and to where she’s at now, which as you can imagine is a very different place.

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Episode 74 - Dante Morelli Carries On A Legacy

On this episode we talk to Dante Morelli about how he came to form his collection in honor of our past great friend, Bruce Leven. Dante and Bruce have been friends, competitors, partners, and collectors for years; they are staples of the PNW car community. When Bruce passed away, Dante and many of other Bruce’s friends helped save Bruce’s vast car collection and bought many of his vehicles. Dante joins us on episode 74 to share some his favorite stories with the late, great Bruce Leven.

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Episode 62 - Beyond Cars Yeah With Mark Greene!

We talk to our friend and fellow Podcaster Mark Greene of Cars Yeah about how he got started and what made him the host of one of the biggest automotive Podcasts going today. To date, Mark has produced over 1,200 episodes with all sorts of world famous automotive guests. Our Podcasts have a a pretty different format and we’ve got to hand it to him and his success. Mark is a good friend and we had a lot of fun getting to know him beyond the voice on his show. Listen in and check out the story behind Cars Yeah!

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Episode 60 - Master Collector Peter Gleeson - Part 2

Did you wonder what the title “Master Collector” actually meant? Listen to the follow up episode with Master Collector Peter Gleeson and you will quickly understand exactly why they call him “Master Collector.” The BMW fans are especially going to love this episode, but we’ve got something here for just about everyone. You might even be able to strike up a conversation with that art history major barista you’ve been flirting with after this one.

*Art history majors can send their hate mail to and put “For Dan” in the subject line.

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Episode 59 - Master Collector Peter Gleeson - Part 1

Peter Gleeson is one of those rare people you hope just keeps talking. His car collection is more than a collection of nice cars he bought because they were good investments or eye catching; each car has a story - like being involved in a bank robbery. We’re already looking forward to having Peter back on in the future and we’re sure you will too. In part one of this two part episode, Peter talks to us about his life and his move to the states and how his love for cars and taste in them was formed.

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