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Episode 79 - Meet Our Fourth Crew Member, Jared Eades!

Allow us to formally introduce our producer and #4 of the RCS Team, Jared Eades! Jared has been helping us for a long time now and does our website graphic updates and is working on a lot of upcoming video and a storefront for Rain City Supercars! Beyond that he’s a volunteer at Exotics@RTC and a big car guy with one of the more interesting classics on the road. We talk old cars, new cars, and touch on Corvettes, GTRs, and doing your own work on them. Tune in and get to know Jared!

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Episode 47 - Branden Ben Powell And All Things SaRPinz!

We talk to the extremely interesting Branden Ben Powell, the owner of the SaRPinz. He talks about one of the most impressive off road vehicles ever made, the Pinzgauer, and how he actively uses it for Search and Rescue. As a huge fan of off roading, this was easily one of our most entertaining guests to us and even if you have no interest in the off road world, this was a really eye opening interview about how multifaceted and important Search and Rescue is to the PNW. We let this one go quite a bit longer than usual since we were having such a good time talking to Brandon.

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Episode 46 - The Advancement of Avants with Adam Cramer

We welcome our friend Adam Cramer with Avants back to talk about the massive growth of Avants since way back in Episode 12 and to talk about all the amazing upcoming stuff including his partnership with Blipshift on a PNW tee shirt design, some winter offroading you can do, some rainy weather driving, and more! We talk about Avants often on our show with good reason. If you’re an enthusiast it makes almost no sense why you wouldn’t be a member!

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