Episode 41 - Don't Just Get There, Enjoy The Drive To Monterey

We talk about the Sea-Mont Rally and all things Car Week. Get ready for a lot of updates on social media, live streams, and a whole lot of road tripping! 

We're headed down 97 and the Volcanic National Scenic Byway to Yosemite and then to Monterey for Car Week! You can follow us on our journey via our Instagram and Facebook as well as some updates coming here. Stay tuned for a lot fun times ahead! 

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Episode 34 - R.C.S.A.D.H.D.

Nick's ADHD got the best of him so we mixed it up this time. We answer some listener mail about what you do to get into the car scene after you bought your shiny new supercar, discuss a big money Ferrari, recap a cool LeMay event you should know about, discuss some upcoming car shows, and send out an invite to hang out with us in California!

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Episode 30 - An Englishman on Rain City Supercars - Karl Noakes

We were lucky enough to have one of very favorite photographers on the show this week - An Englishman in Seattle known as Karl Noakes. We see Karl pretty much everywhere and chances are you do too and might not know it. Karl photographs car events because he loves the community cars brings which really sets his photos apart. See our gallery for some his amazing photos and listen to his story on episode 30! 

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