Episode 96 - Randy Wells Talks Full Time Photography

We’ve had a few photographers on the show before; they keep the car shows going. That said, none of them have been 100%, full time, doing nothing else photographers like Randy Wells. His images have been featured in National Geographic, 000 Magazine, and many, many more. He gives us a few pro-tips and talks his love of Porsches. There’s a theme there. Everyone loves Porsches around here and it seems to be for good reason, or maybe we’re just a little biased.

Be sure to check out Randy’s amazing 15 minute video about the Baja Mexican 1000 below and check out randywells.com.

The Baja Mexican 1,000 off-road race is tough. Arguably, it's the toughest desert race in the world. There are huge boulders, big jumps, water crossings, and endless silt beds. About half the cars that enter the annual National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA) rally from Ensenada to San Jose del Cabo don't finish.