Episode 83 - Road Tripping All Summer Long

While Summer in the PNW is beautiful, it also means packed roads and construction. DansDrives.com does have some great short drives, this is the perfect time to go on a drive for a weekend or even a few weeks. We recap some of our favorite getaways in this episode and Dan has laid out the routes in detail below. We hope we inspire you to get away and enjoy the drive!

  1. Whistler, BC

  2. That crazy long gravel road that goes up past Harrison Lake that Dan was talking about

  3. To Neah Bay (Cape Flattery) and back, the really fun way (this is a 2 day drive, trust me)

  4. Lake Quinault Lodge + Moclips Highway + Seabrook, WA

  5. A fun road close to Coeur d’Alene, ID

  6. The Lolo Pass Blast

  7. Boise to Bogus Basin

  8. That route through Idaho that will blow your mind, bruise your kidneys, and may cause you to lose your muffler. Part 1 / Part 2. *Warning, this is HARD. Ask James.

  9. Jasper and everywhere along the way. Stop at Mojo’s coffee in Bonners Ferry and try and win your new AR15 or quilt.

  10. Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Craters of the Moon, McCall, Lewiston Hill Climb, Starbuck, and more!

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