Episode 76 - Turn 10 Big Boss - Alan Hartman

We (finally) had the opportunity to get to know Alan beyond his work at Turn 10 Studios and he did not disappoint! Alan has great stories and a real love for cars well beyond the digital kind. We played some Forza, talked about all the cars he has owned, his time at Dreamworks, and living life in the PNW. This special episode was extended a little longer for your entertainment!

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My 2016 Corvette Z06 being used for a video with Ken Gushi behind the wheel.

And check out the whopping 1/2 a second of footage they used at around 8 second mark.

Alan’s Ford GT story, Part 1: The Unboxing.

Part 2: The conference call with Ford.

Part 3: Visiting the Ford factory.

Part 4: The Delivery!

Larry Holt discusses the Ford GT.

The epic Tanner Foust Forza/Filmspeed Video