Episode 40 - Having a Fab Time With Keith Northrup

I won't tell the story in the description, but Keith is one of those guys we had to meet before we knew him. As usual, a bunch of our friends already knew him and wondered how we didn't. Did we mention it's small car world after all? You probably know Keith via his amazing creation, The Trophy Rat! Easily one of the coolest vehicles we've ever seen and featured in Top Gear, Hot Rod, Maxim, and more. It's even got a few RC Cars built after it! 

As usual there is a theme to guys like Keith; obsession of his craft. Keith is one of the most sought after fabricators in the PNW and for good reason. Take a look at the gallery below to see more of the trophy rat and his other creations as his skillset isn't limited to cars by any means! In fact, Keith is doing a lot of the custom the metal work for our friends at Driver's Club and that's not even how we met him! Read more about Keith and Northrup Fabricators on their website