Episode 38 - We Know a Guy, Who Knows a Girl, Who You Should Know

I've never really liked the term "self made". To me it's always implied sort of an arrogance that doesn't tell the whole story. Virtually no one gets to where they are without help and support of friends, family, teachers, or the community in some way. We started RCS to build up the amazing people around us who have made the car world what is and helped us along the way. Yeah, we do the podcast, we do the car shows, we plan drives, and we help out as often as we can, but we do it all because of the great people in the community. It's our driving force when we haven't had the time to sleep enough. One of the biggest questions we get asked is "Who do I talk to for this thing I need?" Well, we've got you mostly covered. This a short list of who we'd send our mom's to if they needed help, and we like our moms! They're our biggest fans!

  1. Amanda Friedman and Doug Perry, Driver's Club - Driver's Club isn't a club for everyone, but you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer group of people. We really want to give credit where it's due here; no one has gone out of their way more to help Rain City Supercars than Amanda and Doug. Amanda is basically family to us at this point. More importantly, Driver's Club has hit the ground running before their doors have even opened to be the best place to store your vehicle anywhere and are already creating programs to make the community as a whole better. We are huge fans of what's to come, but they come at the top of our list with good reason. 
  2. Adam Cramer, Avants - Adam changed the car club game for everyone and he's a great all-around guy to boot. If you're looking for something refreshing to be a part of with an active and enthusiastic community, then without question Avants is where you want to start and probably end. You will never have a boring weekend with Avants and you'll get to experience cars, events, and the community in a way you never thought possible. We have literally known Adam from the start of Avants and it has been amazing to watch it grow into the community it is now. 
  3. Ashley Shoemaker, Hagerty - We've worked with Hagerty long before we knew Ashley, but Ashley is a boots-on-the-ground, get to know you personally, kind of woman and she knows that there's more to insurance than paying your bill and assuming everything is fine. She knows her stuff, she's a friend, and she's someone we trust to take care of our family and friends. That's not something you say often about your insurance agent. 
  4. John Zuberek and Roy Cats, Cats Exotics - Roy Cats and John Zuberek have personally helped us and a lot of our friends and family buy and sell vehicles. On top of that, John and Roy's passion for cars is next level. They raise the bar for what being a car enthusiast really means.  Got a question about an E30 M3 or Lamborghini? Look no further. 
  5. Blake Siebe, NW Auto Salon - Blake is the owner of one of the best detail shops in the north end, Northwest Auto Salon. He's also a great human being who loves pets and supports PAWS and other organizations to help our furry friends. If you know anything about your hosts at all, you know that means a lot. 
  6. Scotty Twyford and Seth Thomas, APC Auto Spa - The whole crew at APC came on to the detail scene with a mission. Dan has been friends with both of them before the shop ever opened and then when they did they didn't just clean cars, they went 100% into supporting the community. Awesome events, fundraising, and quality work with more and more to come. These guys are here to stay and are always giving back. You'll see them being professional and friendly at just about every big event in the area. 
  7. John Kleven, Metropolitan Detail - Like APC and NW Auto Salon, John and his crew offer amazing detail work, but we doubt anybody in the state does more clear-bra and detail work than Metropolitan. They set the standard everyone else has had to follow, but more importantly, they enable others to be better. John always has great advice to anyone who asks and is one of the nicest guys you'll meet at shows.   
  8. Mike Sheehan, Attorney at Law - Mike has helped Dan for over 15 years and never not fixed one of his lapses in judgement. Above that, he's fixed several other friends' "lapses in judgement". Had a lapse in judgement? Call Mike
  9. The Rimmer Family and Trevor Wert, DirtFish Rally School - What is the most fun you can have in a car? A rental, duh. ...But what if that rental was a full-blown rally car and you could slide it, jump it, and REALLY drive it without fear of legal trouble? DirtFish!! 
  10. Stewart Waliser, Stew's Garage - Stew fills a niche that no one else does. A full-service shop for you to use with professional advice and every tool under the sun. His place can save you a ton of money and get the job done right, if you're willing to put in the work that most of us true enthusiasts are. Also, check our their awesome blog! 
  11. Brian Elich, Lee Johnson Chevrolet / Mazda / Kia - Brian sold Dan his Corvette and subsequently several of his friends’ cars as well. Why? Because much like Cats, Brian gets it. No turn and burn, no day long, late evening negotiations, Brian puts his name on the line and gets you the right car at the right price and doesn't waste your time. It's not about selling you the most expensive car on the lot, Brian wants to sell you the right car. While that sounds like a terribly cliche sales pitch, it's true. He doesn't want you to have buyers remorse, he wants you to come back for the next one. You don't do that by shady deals and ripping off your customers; you do that by building a relationship and keeping your customers happy for years to come. 

One common theme this list represents is that everyone on here does this because they love it. Being successful is a byproduct of their passion for the community and making it better. We truly believe their success is a direct result of their character and that matters to us. We think it will to you as well. 

Correction: There were 22 Vector W8s and Dan didn't know the details or the fulls specs. If anyone knows of one, Dan is dying to drive one! 

BONUS! See below for a teaser for an upcoming episode you won't want to miss! 

Coming soon to an episode of RCS, Keith Northrup and '37 International Trophy Rat!

Coming soon to an episode of RCS, Keith Northrup and '37 International Trophy Rat!