Episode 31 - How To Run A Group Drive And Not Get Everyone Arrested Or Killed

It's summer here in Seattle which means all those crazy group drives are popping up! A lot of people run group drives, but if you want one that works and insures the best chances of being drama free we think we've got the magic formula here. 

Rain City Supercars Presents:

Episode 31 - How To Run A Group Drive And Not Get Everyone Arrested Or Killed

  1. Pre-Drive the route if possible or be a little extra patient.

  2. Do a vehicle tech inspection before you go.

  3. Start small, and invite only.

  4. Meet early and with a full tank; start at a place with coffee, snacks, etc.  

  5. Plan your stops - meeting points, fuel, etc.

  6. Bring a friend! A co-pilot makes life SO much easier.

  7. Start a WhatsApp chat ahead the day before.

  8. If you're going to add a radio for areas without cell reception, we recommend the BaoFeng BF-F8HP and this particular programming cable (the cheaper ones don't work 90% of the time). You can program your radio using a free program called CHIRP

  9. Use Google Maps! Save the map offline and PRINT A COPY. Turn on the tracking feature. This is also available in WhatsApp.

  10. Research parking and reservations at your destination by calling in advance. Know the names of the people you talk to.

  11. Make a Plan B route!

  12. Get feedback from people when you’re done. Over drinks.

  13. BONUS! (we forgot to put it in our original notes so we brought it up last) - Make sure your stops are convenient for entry and exit.