Episode 26 - Talking Slow Progress with John Zuberek

Hear me out; what if instant gratification wasn't the driving force behind a car build? What if your goal was to build a car without cutting any corners? What would the result be? Chances are it would be something as special as John Zuberek's perfect E30 M3. It's literally the nicest E30 M3 we've ever seen and seeing it makes you understand it wasn't build by your typical enthusiast. John might have 16.5k followers on IG, but it's not just his pretty pictures that have made John an Icon in the car world. Listen in and you'll easily see why he's one of our favorite people, let alone one of our favorite guests. You might even learn a life lesson or something. 

You can read more about John's E30 build here on Petrolicious: Slow Progress: Building A DTM-Inspired BMW M3 For The Right Reasons

*Rain City Supercars is not responsible for your bad life decisions as a result of listening to our show.