Episode 55 - Ben Abrams Tells Us His Story of Creating Stories

We love stories. It’s actually why we do this - we meet a lot of great people with great stories we think you will want to hear. When eGarage does this they turn it into fine art on the screen. As fans of eGarage we were really excited to have Ben Abrams on our show to hear more about his creative vision, his life, his cars, and the future of eGarage. Ben was kind enough to open up and tell us his story about the vision behind the lens of his eGarage projects including his latest amazing video for Driver’s Club.

We also made a big announcement to a big change on the show! Listen up; this was a good one we really enjoyed.

“eGarage is a full service video production studio specializing in the compelling and diverse automotive world. We believe that people are the most important part of car culture and are dedicated to creating meaningful stories that celebrate our shared love of the automobile.”

Everyday moments fuel our passion for cars. Drivers Club is your new home for uncompromising experiences and friendships. Oh and the car can spend the night...
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