Episode 50 - We Got There And Enjoyed The Drive

WE MADE IT TO EPISODE 50! It’s been quite a ride and we decided to take this episode to recap some of our favorite moments, guests, and a few of our blunders over the last year.

We tried to narrow it down to our favorite episodes since the start and it wasn’t easy, but we felt like these were some milestones we personally enjoyed. If you haven’t heard us before or you’re new to the podcast, give these a shot!

Episode 2: Steve Theodore

Episode 8: Kevin Beech

Episode 10: The Stuff You Need In Your Car

Episode 12 and Episode 46: Adam Cramer With Avants

Episode 13: The Wanker in Scottsdale

Episode 14: Sean McDonough

Episode 15: Andrew Evans

Episode 16: Amanda Friedman

Episode 18: Kristen Wells

Episode 21: Jason Bourriague

Episode 22: Jaurdey Samuel

Episode 25: Adam Robertson

Episode 26: John Zuberek

Episode 28: Running a Car Show 101

Episode 30: Karl Noakes

Episode 31: How to Run a Group Drive and Not Get Everyone Arrested or Killed

Episode 39: Blake Siebe

Episode 40: Keith Northrup

Episode 47: Branden Ben Powell